Duplicate Files

Duplicate files have the potential to use a lot of space on your hard drive and getting rid of those duplicate files can significantly increase the free space on your disk.

Find and Delete Duplicates

DiskFerret identifies duplicate files by comparing one or more of the following; name, size, date, or CRC-32. You can specify the criteria you prefer in the Duplicate File Options dialog. When CRC-32 is specified, DiskFerret will 1st use other criteria, if specified, to identify duplicate file. When it finds a file name, size or date that matches, it reads both files and computes a 32-bit cyclic redundancy check (CRC-32) for each of them.

DiskFerret allows for finding duplicate files across drives or even across systems. The duplicate file finder also makes use of DiskFerret's powerful filtering capabilities. If you only want to find duplicate music and video files just select or build the appropriate filter and then perform the find duplicates operation.

Once you've located duplicates, DiskFerret displays the results in an easy to use and navigate tree table view. This view allows you to easily see how many duplicate exist for each file, where each duplicate resides and tolls for deleted the unwanted duplicates.