Scheduled Tasks

DiskFerret is fast, and we work hard to keep it fast, but scanning a drive can take some time depending on a lot of different factors like the number of folders and files, speed of the computer, speed of the hard drive, whether you are scanning across a network, and other running processes. No matter how fast we are, there will be times when waiting for a scan to complete will be tedious. So don't wait, schedule your scans and then when you are ready to analyze your disk space you'll get instant results when you open the scan file.

DiskFerret Service

Scheduled scans are performed by the DiskFerret service. Running as a service means you don't have to be logged into the system, which is essential for servers and system administrators. Services also allow you to specify the user that runs the process. An example of how this is useful is that you could configure DiskFerret to scan drives on 10 different servers. By setting the user of the DiskFerret Service to a domain administrator account the DiskFerret Service can access all of the servers and you don't have to seperately configure the user credentials for each server.

Run Once, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly

Scans can be configured to run Once, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. For one time scans, set the date and time and you're done. For daily task, set start date, select the days of the week to run, set the time of day to run, and set an end date (or no end date). For weekly, ...well, you get the idea, schedule any way you want.

Email Notification

Scheculed tasks can be configured to send an email with a link to the completed scan file. Email notifications serve as a good reminder to review your scan results and stay on top of disk utilization. When the email arrives in your inbox, click on the link, take a quick look with DiskFerrret's awesome analytics, and decide if you need to dig deeper.