Owner View


File ownership can be analyzed in the Owner data view.  Determining ownership and analyzing the disk space used by different users can be important for administrators of network shares where multiple users store files.  The administrator can quickly determine which users are using the most space, or using space inappropriately. 


Determining file ownership takes more time to process than a normal DiskFerret scan.  For this reason, DiskFerret does not determine file ownership for normal scans.  Instead, the owner data view toolbar provides a separate start button (circled in red below) to scan for file ownership.  After a normal scan for a folder has been performed, this start button is enabled and you must click the button to perform a check for file ownership.



The file owner scan displays a progress indicator as it does with a normal scan.  When the scan is complete you can use the pie chart, bar chart and table view as in other data views.  However, one difference is that the table view in the owner data view is actually a Table Tree View which is a combination of a table view and a tree view.  See the Using the Table Tree View section for information how to use a table tree.