Analyzing Multiple Drives or Folders


DiskFerret provides the ability to analyze multiple drives or folders and can scan multiple paths concurrently using multiple threads.  If the paths are on different drives scanning multiple paths concurrently can save considerable time over scanning the locations sequentially.  To scan multiple locations concurrently just select the 1st path, click the start scan button in the data view, select the second path and click the start scan button in the data view.  Disk Ferret will display a progress bar for each scan.  Each progress bar contains an icon to indicate the operation taking place (scan, find duplicates, determine ownership, search) and updates frequently with elapsed time, progress and also displays file or operation details.  Each progress bar also contains a stop button so the operations can be stopped if necessary independently from other operations.



When each scan is complete the path is added to the Scanned tab in the Explorer panel.  



This is where you analyze multiple drives and folders.  The tree view in the Scanned tab is similar to the Explorer tree view, but with a few differences.  As mentioned before, only scanned paths are displayed in the view.  And, as you can see from the image above each node in the tree contains a checkbox.  When a checkbox is selected the data view updates and displays a chart or details for the checked item.  To analyze multiple items you simply click the checkboxes of the items that you want to analyze.  You can also expand a tree and select or unselect nodes within a tree.  This provides the ultimate flexibility and power to analyze certain areas within a tree and across folders or drive volumes.  As you would expect from DiskFerret, all data views and tools are available with the scanned tab, so get started analyzing multiple drives and folders for space, duplicates, ownership, types, largest files, searching, etc.