Deleting Files


Folders and files can be deleted from many of the table views.  When youíve located folders or files that you would like to delete, switch to the table view and select the files that you would like to delete.  When files that can be deleted are selected in the table view, the delete icon on the data view toolbar is enabled.  Clicking the delete icon will delete the select file(s). 

Caution!  If you donít know what a file is used for, donít delete it!  What you donít know could destroy your operating system or cause your programs to fail. 

Caution!  If you donít know what a file is used for and decide to delete it anyway, please make a copy of the file in another location beforehand, and test your system thoroughly before deleting the copy.


Files may also be deleted via a popup menu that can be accessed with a right mouse click when items are selected in the table view.



Tip:  Files deleted via the delete icon and popup menu delete action are placed in the Recycle Bin if the Recycle Bin is enabled.  Files may be restored from the Recycle Bin if you make a mistake when deleting a file.  Enabling the Recycle Bin is always a good idea and will save you a lot of time and headaches in the case of a mishap.


Pressing the delete key when items are selected performs the same function as the delete icon, or the popup menu delete action.† Holding the Shift key while pressing delete permanently deletes the selected file without sending them to the recycle bin.