Email Configuration


DiskFerret can deliver information to users via email. In order to use this capability you must configure your SMTP email settings.


Configuring Email SMTP Settings

The following fields are required. If not configured correctly emails send via the DiskFerret service will fail.

       Server - The address of your mail server (e.g. "").

       Port The TCP port to use for SMTP email delivery.

       SSL Checked if your server requires secure socket layers.

       Sender Email The from email address that will display when emails are delivered.

       User Name Username for SMTP authentication.

       Password Password for SMTP authentication.


Testing Email Settings

To test your email settings, enter a To email address and click the Send button. If errors occur you will be notified with a message box. However, the application may not catch all error so check that the email arrives at the To email address destination to ensure that email is working properly.