File Open, Save, and Save As

The file menu and application toolbar provide methods to save scans and open them later or share with others.  DiskFerret scan file have an extension of .dfscan.  A file association is established when DiskFerret is installed, therefore double clicking a DiskFerret scan file in Windows Explorer will launch DiskFerret and display the information contained in the scan file.







Open a previously saved scan file.  This allows viewing of previous scan results without having to perform the scan again, and allows you to share scan results with others in your organization.  When you open a scan file only the drives, folders or network shares that were scanned at the time of the file save are available.  For example, when we scan only one folder “apps” as shown below, and then open the saved scan file, only the “apps” folder is available in the saved view.  Notice that the Desktop icon in the saved view is displayed as an ordinary folder and not the desktop icon, which serves as a visual clue that you are viewing a saved scan and not your current Desktop.


Before saving:

After saving and then opening scan file:



Closes the current view of scan results and places DiskFerret in an initial state as if the application has just been opened and is ready to perform a scan of your system.


Save & Save As

Saves the current DiskFerret scan state to a file that can be opened later or shared with other users in your organization that have a license to DiskFerret.  For the technically inclined, DiskFerret’s scan file format is a zipped XML file.


DiskFerret also allows saving to a Microsoft Excel XML Workbook.  The workbook contains a variety of disk analysis reports in separate sheets in the workbook.