License Activation


When you purchase DiskFerret you will be emailed a license activation code.  Save your activation code.  You may need it later if you have to rebuild your PC for some reason.  The activation code allows you to activate a license of DiskFerret for a single computer.  Once the license has been activated on a computer the license is valid for that computer only, and may not be used on another computer.


Activate your license via the License Activation dialog.  From the main menu, select Help > License…




This displays the License Activation dialog.




When you purchased DiskFerret you should have received a confirmation email which includes your activation code.  Copy the activation code from the email and paste the code into the License Key field. 


If you use a proxy server to access the internet you will need to enter a valid domain user’s login credentials.  Contact your network administrator if you need help with the proxy settings.


Click Activate. 


The License Activation module contacts DiskFerret’s web server to validate your authentication key.  If validation is successful, you will see a message box confirming that your license has been activated.  If license activation fails, an error message will be displayed and you will be returned to the License Activation dialog to try again.