Scanning a Folder


The 1st operation that you typically perform in DiskFerret is to “scan” a drive or folder.  Scanning a folder tells DiskFerret to search for all of the files contained within the folder and its subfolders and to display information about that folder.  The folder’s information is displayed in the Data View, and can be displayed as a Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Treemap Chart, Ring Chart, or as a Table View.


To scan a folder, navigate within the Tree View to the folder that you want to analyze, click on the name of the folder or on the folder’s icon.  Depending on how your User Interface Options are configured, scanning will start automatically, or the Scan button in the Data View will displayed.  (The default configuration is to display the scan button in the Data View).  Click the Start button to scan the selected drive or folder.



Scanning a folder can take some time.  The time required is variable and depends largely on the number of files within the folder and its subfolders, the speed of your hard drive, and the speed of the network if scanning a network share.


Information about the scanned folder is displayed in the Data Views when the scan process is complete.  See Selecting a Data View.


When a scan is in progress a DiskFerret icon is animated in a circular motion in the data view display.  The progress bar on the right side of the screen displays the approximate progress of the scan, and the status bar at the bottom of the screen displays the current folder and file being scanned.