Service Manager


Some DiskFerret operations such as Scheduled Tasks and Drive Monitors are performed by the DiskFerret Service.  Running as a service provides several advantages, the most important being that you do not have to be logged into the computer in order for scheduled task and monitors to perform their work.  To use these capabilities you must configure the service via the Tools->Service Manager menu item.  When the dialog opens it displays choices appropriate to the current state of the service (not installed, installed but not started, installed and started).



Installing the Service

If the service has not been installed the service manager dialog will enable the domain, user name, password fields.  The Install and Start button will not be enabled until you have entered information into all of the fields.  The user credentials that you enter must have appropriate access to the file system for Scheduled Tasks and Drive Monitors because the service executes in the context of the user account that you enter.  If the user account does not have the appropriate credentials your task and monitors will fail.


Description: Description: C:\apps\DiskFerret\help\Deleting Files_files\image004.jpgTip:  If you only perform task and monitors for the local system you can enter your local computer name into the domain field.


Starting and Stopping the Service

Generally, once the service is installed and running there is no need to start or stop the service.  Its properties are set to Automatic startup so it will be started when the system is started.  However, if there is a need to stop or start the service open the Service Manager dialog and select the Stop or Start action (If the service is running the Stop action will be displayed, and if the service is not running the Start action will be displayed.)