Size View


The size data view provides a general purpose view of a disk or folder.  Select the size data view by clicking on the Size tab over the data view area.


You use this view much like you would Windows Explorer.  The big advantage that DiskFerret provides is the ability to quickly visualize the actual and relative size of folders and files.  The charts and tables in this view display subfolders and files in the currently selected folder by their relative size, which makes it easy to discern at a glance the objects that are using the most space.  Sub-folders can be accessed by clicking part of a chart or a row in the table view.  This causes the view to display the contents of the sub-folder.  Using this “drill-down” approach is one of the most effective means of quickly tracking down where the most space is being used and determining whether the space hogging folders and files can be eliminated. 


The size view supports the pie chart, bar chart, treemap chart and a detail table view.  By default the contents of the currently selected disk or folder are sorted by size.  The table view allows data to be sorted on each column in the table, and selected rows can be deleted or moved to a zip file.


Pie Chart


Bar Chart


Treemap Chart