The User Interface





The DiskFerret menu. 


The application button bar provides quick access to frequently used actions.


The address toolbar provides a method for users to enter a drive, folder, or network share UNC to quickly navigate to a specific location in the file system, and also serves a dual purpose of providing a history of locations that you have visited during a DiskFerret session.


The Tree View displays a view of your systemís drives, folders and network places.  The tree looks and operates much the same as Windows Explorer.  Expand a node by clicking on the  symbol next to a drive or folder.  Click a drive or folder name to analyze the disk space for that item.

Displays high level drive utilization information for all local drives.


Once an item has been analyzed the data view is displayed for that item.  Each data view can be presented as a pie chart, bar chart, treemap chart, ring chart, or as a detailed table view.


The Data View Tabs provide a variety of ways to analyze disk space usage.


The Data View Toolbar lets you choose the pie chart, bar chart, treemap chart, ring chart, or table view of the data for a tab.  It also provides context specific tools and choices depending on the data view.


Displays the applicationís progress for tasks that take more than a few seconds, such as scanning a drive or a large folder. More than 1 progress bar is displayed if more than 1 task is running.


The status bar displays information about the current state of the application or for details of running processes.