Top Files Options


Top Files options provide alternatives to the operation of the Top Files data view.  The options are available via the Tools > Options menu item.


By default the Top Files data view displays the top 50 largest, smallest, oldest, or newest files depending on the current setting on the Top Files toolbar.  The number of files to display can be set to display anywhere from 10 to 10,000 files. 


The Top Files Treemap is displayed as a slice treemap by default as shown in Figure 1, which is displaying the top 50 files from the windows folder.  Depending on the files that you want to display in the Top Files data view, you may choose to use a squarified treemap as shown in Figure 2, which is displaying the top 250 files from the windows folder.  We recommend that any number of files beyond 50 be displayed as a squarified treemap instead of a slice treemap because the slice visualization method tends to deteriorate with larger numbers of files.


Figure 1




Figure 2