Top Files View


The top files view provides a view of the “top” files in a folder and all of its child folders.  The definition of “Top” depends on which option you select on the data view toolbar, and can be the top largest, smallest, oldest, or newest files.  Select the top files view by clicking on the Top Files tab over the data view area.


The top files view provides an excellent method to identify the largest files within a drive or folder, and these files obviously provide the best opportunity to free up disk space if they are unnecessary or unwanted.


The top files view supports the pie chart, bar chart, treemap chart and a detail table view.  The contents of the view are sorted by the specified criteria (largest, smallest, oldest, and newest).  Additionally, the table view allows data to be sorted on each column in the table, and selected rows can be deleted or moved to a zip file.


Using the “Max.. # of Files” control you can specify, from a range of 10–10,000, the maximum number of files to display in the view.