Treemap Options


Treemap options provide alternatives to the operation of DiskFerret.  The options are available via the Tools > Options menu item.


By default DiskFerret’s treemap traverses and displays an unlimited number of nested folders in the Size data view.  This provides a unique method to visualize the space used for an entire disk or folder, however the display can be overwhelming on volumes that contain many thousands of folders and files.  The unlimited setting also uses the most memory.  Treemap options provides the ability to limit the depth level of the treemap.  The depth level represents the maximum number of nested folders that the treemap view will display before displaying summary folder data instead of individual file information.  See Figure 1 for an unlimited view of c:\program files, and Figure 2 for a view of c:\program files with a depth setting of 2.


See the Treemap Chart section for information on using treemaps.


Figure 1


Figure 2