File Types View


The file types view provides a view of the space that is being used by different types of files, such as executables, database, Microsoft Office, video, image, audio, etc.  Select the file types view by clicking on the File Types tab over the data view area.


Use this view to determine how much disk space is being used by various file types.  An example of how this view might be used is that a network administrator might recognize that network share space is being eaten up mostly by video files.  This would give the administrator a clue as to how to further analyze the disk (e.g., using a filter for videos) and identify which file owners are abusing network share space.


The file types view supports the pie chart, bar chart, treemap chart and a detail table view.  The contents of the currently selected disk or folder are summarized by type and sorted by size.  The table view allows data to be sorted on each column in the table.  Note that the delete and zip operations that are available in some other data views are not available in the file types view because this view only displays summary information and not individual folders and files.