User Interface Options


User Interface options provide several alternatives to the operation of DiskFerret.  The options are available via the Tools > Options menu item.


Auto Scan on Node Selection

This option determines whether DiskFerret automatically starts a scan when a node is selected in the Tree View.  This option is off by default when DiskFerret is installed.  When this option is turned OFF, a start button  is displayed in the application data view.  When a node is selected and has not been scanned, the start button is enabled.  To scan the selected folder in the tree view, click the start button.

Expand Node on Single Click

This option determines whether a Tree View node is automatically expanded when a tree node name or icon is selected.  This is the default mode when DiskFerret is installed.  When this option is turned OFF, tree nodes are only expanded when the expand collapse node is clicked, or if a node name or icon is double clicked.

Data View Defaults

This option lets you specify whether to use your data view choices (pie chart, bar chart, treemap chart, ring chart, or table view) from the previous session of DiskFerret, or to always use your specified default settings on program startup.  Note that your choices are always maintain within a session of DiskFerret. 

Auto Pack Tables

This option automatically packs each table's display.  See the Table View section for more information on packing tables.  The default setting for this option is OFF.  Setting this option ON has a slightly negative impact to performance, however, if you frequently encounter table views where you need to pack the table to improve legibility, this setting can be a time saver.

Display Data View Overlay

When this option is set a repeating transparent funnel image is displayed on data views when a filter is active.  This serves as a visual clue and reminder that the view is currently filtered.  If you don’t like the look of the overlay or don’t need the visual clue, turn the option off.

Owner Scan Option

This option lets you specify whether to collect file ownership on the initial scan of a folder or drive, which tells DiskFerret to collect file ownership for every file scanned.  Getting file ownership from the operating system takes a significant amount of time and using this option will increase scan times significantly, so only use this option if your primary function or goal is to analyze file ownership.  The advantage of using this option is that the overall time to analyze file ownership is faster than making an initial scan and then a 2nd scan for ownership.  Please note that this option is not required to use a filter that includes file ownership criteria.  The filtering function evaluates all other filter criteria before testing the file ownership criteria, therefore many files are excluded by filters before ownership has to be evaluated, which saves time on the scan.  Consider using a filter if you are only interested in 1 or 2 owners versus having an interest in evaluating all file ownerships.



The skin option provides a variety of “skins” options for the user interface.  Experiment with the different skins to find one that is visually appealing to you.  Below are a few examples.

Windows (this is the default skin)


Creme Coffee




Office Blue