Using the Address Bar

The address toolbar provides a method for power users to enter a drive, folder, or network share UNC to quickly navigate to a specific location in the file system.  It also serves a dual purpose of providing a history of locations that you have visited during a DiskFerret session and lets you select those locations from the address drop down list to quickly navigate back to a previous location.  The address bar also provides a method to access file locations that would otherwise be hidden in the file tree, such as when local disk drives are hidden by a Windows group policy.



Entering a drive location or UNC is similar to the CD (change directory) command that can be used in a command window, except you don’t have to key in the CD.  For example, enter “c:\program files” (without the quotes) and hit the enter key, and DiskFerret automatically expands the tree view to drive c and directory “program files” and scans that location.  As with the CD command, relative locations can be specified.  So if your current location is c:\program files, you can enter AutoDesk and hit the enter key to navigate to c:\program files\AutoDesk.  To navigate back to c:\program files key in ..\ and hit the enter key.  To scan a network share, key in \\fileserver\myshare and hit enter.


The address bar drop down list displays a list of each drive, directory, and/or network share that you have visited in the current DiskFerret session.  Sometimes this can be a time saver.  When you are searching for files to cleanup and navigating through the file system and want to quickly go back to a previously visited location, use the address bar drop down list to quickly select the location, rather than navigating back through the tree view.