Using the Table Tree View


The Table Tree View is a variation on the table view.  In addition to the familiar spreadsheet-like table, the table tree view also provides for hierarchical data by adding the capabilities of a tree.  The table tree view is used in the Duplicate Files and Owner data views.  Shown below is a typical table tree view.



Notice the expand  and collapse  controls in the name column.  These controls work the same way as the tree view and allow you to expand the node to see more detail, and collapse the node to view only the top level item.  The image above is from the duplicate files data view.  Files that are duplicated are listed with their name as the highest level, with the second level being the individual files and their folder locations.  For the Owner tab, the Owner is the top level, with the second level being individual files.


The columns of a table tree view cannot be sorted as with a table view.  Other column actions such as sizing, moving and using the column control operate the same as a table view.


Files may be deleted and zipped when using the table tree view.