Believe it not, there are two free editions of DiskFerret.

When you need to analyze your disk space utilization, but you don't need the full power of a professional disk utilization analysis, try one of our free products.

DiskFerret Free

DiskFerret Free is the same base desktop application as DiskFerret Professional with a few limitations and restrictions. See our editions comparison matrix for limitations of DiskFerret Free.

You may obtain an activation key for DiskFerret Free by clicking the Get Activation Code button below.
No registration required.
DiskFerret Free

DiskFerret Lite

Analyze your disk space for free. If you need even more power, give the full version of DiskFerret a free 30-day test drive.
Run DiskFerret Lite try full version
DiskFerret Lite is our free version of DiskFerret that runs right inside your browser, so no installation is necessary. Just click on the Run DiskFerret Lite button and you're off an running.
The first time you run DiskFerret Lite the browser based application is downloaded and cached on your computer. This may take a few minutes and you will see a screen similar to this:

In order to access your computer's hard drive DiskFerret Lite is signed with a digital signature, therefore after the application is downloaded and ready to run inside your browser the following dialog is displayed:

To run DiskFerret Lite click the Run button.
If you plan to revisit this site and use DiskFerret Lite frequently, click the "Always trust content from this publisher." checkbox and then click the Run button. Once you have selected this choice you will no longer see the digital certificate dialog when you run DiskFerret Lite.
Cancel the dialog if you do not want to run DiskFerret Lite.