DiskFerret - Support

We offer free technical support via email to all registered and trial users. If you have questions regarding DiskFerret installation or operation, or have any problems, please contact support at support@DiskFerret.com. We make every attempt to answer questions within a 24 hour period.

Need some help?

Need some help?
Try reviewing DiskFerret's online help which answers many common questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us at support@DiskFerret.com.

Give us some feedback.

We need your help!
Tell us how you feel about DiskFerret. Good, bad, or ugly, any feedback that you have for us is greatly appreciated. We need feedback from you so that we can understand where we got it right, and where we messed it up. You can have an impact on future DiskFerret development by giving it to us straight.

Idea or suggestion?

Have an idea or suggestion?
Support future DiskFerret development by telling us how to make DiskFerret better.